Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Im here......

Im here....Im ok....I just needed a break from everything. I feel really good and have been getting my life back on track. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls. I will set up a post tomorrow with the doctors appts and schedule for the remaining year. Its pretty uneventful....thank god!!

Thanks for everything and I will talk to you all tomorrow...good night!!



Cheryl said...

glad to hear you are getting things back to normal, Sweetie. Been very worried about how you are. Very uneventful sounds promising....? I sure am praying for uneventful!!! ;-) Love ya! said...

Hey J~
Glad you are feeling good and getting back to the normal routine! Still worry about you...hopefully your uneventful year end appt.'s are a good thing. Waiting to hear your updates! Prayers as always pretty lady! love you!