Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life has been good......

These days I have been feeling better and getting some of my energy back. I have continued my work load and started to pick some of my extra activities back up. Started back to the gym thyis week!! Boy did (do) my joints ache. Im sure its from lack of movement the past few months along with the chemo attack on my body. Of course every ache and pain represents some new form of cancer in my brain. Ive heard thats something common and will continue until some doctor gives me the offical "all clear"......I did have my Mamogram 2 weeks ago and the results came back in 2 days ago....its funny how the results most people get (meaning negative) can be such a relief. In my case the negative took on more meaning. They had also scanned my lymphnodes since it is part of the procedure. The lymphnodes came back negative and thats HUGE in my case. That can mean that my cancer has not spread any further then the lymphnodes in my groin (they killed them!!) and also means that the chance that it has attached itself to lungs or liver or mighty slim. So needless to say I had a good cry and saved the letter!! I meet with the gyno-oncologist tomorrow. He is the guy who does the surgery...and also the guy who told me my case was far to advanced to operate. He made me laugh that day....he said he is a surgeon because he likes to cut things open and poke around....that is something that makes him quite happy so not being able to do it is a disappointment and that he was very disappointed he wouldnt be able to open me up. I just thought it was a pretty down to earth answer.....he wants to take another look now. He thinks maybe ...just maybe if my body reacted like they think it has that he can finally have a go at we shall see! Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed!!

I hope everyone is having a great day and loving thier lives as much as I am. I am so greatful for everything!!



Cheryl said...

This is such good news!!!! I will say a little extra prayer tonight for you. Please let us know as soon as you know!
Love to you, C

POD said...

Yay and glory be for negative nodes.
I am happy for you.