Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Broken me update

Yea...its still broken. I had hoped to wake up and whala (sp?) it would be all healed and we would all laugh about how funny I looked on crutches trying to do all of my everyday tasks....hahahah!! Yea, well that didn't happen.

What did happen is I saw the doctor and no surgery is required. Thank God! I was dreading that and was very happy that he called it a "perfect break"...who knew there was sucha thing. Funny story...while I was waiting for my doctor, who is a really nice guy but not too soft on the eyes, I noticed there was a really HOT doctor running around. He was, of course, young enough to be my son but there is no law against looking right?? I was thinking to myself that I never really get any of the hot doctors and wondered if there was some cosmic reason for this when all of a sudden he came out and called for me.....FOR ME!!!! OMG.....he wants to see ME!! He was the assistant (resident) of my doctor and he would be attending to me. Holy cow...its my unlucky (broken ankle) lucky (hot doc) day!! He was very nice....and very young. I felt really odd actually even thinking how cute he was. He did an awesome recast on my leg....it really feels 100% better now. So I came up with a plan...I went back to work and suggested to one of my much younger single co-workers that she break her leg...or arm. I told her I knew a great doc for her to see and she really should consider doing it soon.....was that wrong of me??? I'm just trying to help her out....stop looking at me like that!


WhiteStone said...

I hate to tell you this, but the docs will get younger and younger from here on out. It happens to all of us.

~ J ~ said...

I kinda realized that yesterday...as if the broken ankle wasnt devistating enough!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, broken here as well and as a guy I feel ripped off that I didn't get some hot lady doctor,lol. How are you feeling? I am only 3 days post getting my cast and it really sucks! I haven't been out all day because the snow that has hit NY it really sucks and can't get my cast wet. How long until the swelling goes away? Ugh, I don't have patience for this.D

~ J ~ said...

Im 10 days into the cast and its still swollen....what did you break??

I know the feeling about being "trapped" in this nasty snow situation....Im in Jersey...was in the eye of the last storm. I have been able to venture out in it without destroying the cast so far....at work everyday too.

Patience?? Whats that??? I have NO patience for this either.....never broke a bone and now I have a broken ankle in the worst snow season ever....

Do you have a blog D??

Anonymous said...

I broke my fibula but it was a bad break and if it was miss aligned another centimeter or something I would have needed surgery. I go back later today for a checkup and see how it's healing.
Ouch, I hear Jersey got hit the worse and last week as well, that sucks. Yeah, I have been back to work other than yesterday and the commute to the city really sucks, it's like I have to beg for a seat on the train!
Awww, it's just not easy and relying on others and calling in favors to do this and that.
I don't have a blog, no patience for the constant updates but I should start one. You can email me if thats easier.

~ J ~ said...

Ahhh...Mine is the Fibula as well..broke clean through. I was lucky too...no surgery. I was worried about the shifting and the last check up went well. I was glad it was my left leg and not my right....I dont know how I would have driven (my last peice of freedom!!) to and from work. It is hard for me to ask for help so I have been pretty stubborn and trying to do most things on my own.

Send me your email address....and one quick question....how did you find my blog??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here but he said I narrowly avoided surgery. I am worried about the shifting as well and I guess they will take new xrays and let me know. It's my right but I don't have a car so it's not too bad I guess. Ha, don't be stubborn you need help ask for it, don't overdue it. My email is mortgagebank1@yahoo.com.
I think I did a search on google under blogs for more information and this blog popped up.