Thursday, September 3, 2009

Houston.....we have shrinkage!!!

Quick post before I head out to chip wood and man the tractor.....Saw the Drs today and we have tumor shrinkage. Now its not "HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THE TUMOR GO??" but its shrinkage none the less.....its responding...the little bastard is dying. Looks like 2 more weeks of chemo and radiation and I have an appt set up to see the internal radiation doctor as well. All the prayers and positive thoughts are working!!!

On a side note my Chemo Dr commented on my "wig"....ha!! I told her its my real hair....she had to look in my file and make sure I was on Cisplatin.....she is shocked!! Im just not one to go with the flow....Ive been trying to tell them that all along!!!

Have a wonderful day and know that I love you guys sooooo much!! I cant wipe this silly smile off......I am going to WIN!!


WhiteStone said...

Well, I'm jumping up and down for you! Yayyy! said...

Right on Chica...thats good news. Moving in the right direction...prayer and hugs and love still coming your way!
Love you bunches!

B.T.W. nice wig =)

Earl said...

You're news sounds great. I've been reading your updates & thinking of you but a little shy to comment I guess. It sounds like you have a lot to do all the time. Do you live & work on a farm or ranch? What's with all the chores? Leslie the Leslie I know? Is she on Broadway yet? Let me know. Well back to work. Way toooo much work!!

Always thinking of you!

Cheryl said...

YAY!!!!!! OMG!!!! That is GREAT news!!!!!! You go, Girly!!!!! We are going to pray harder than ever! God is hearing us! We knew you could fly!!!! ;-) Love you, my friend!!!

The Courteous Chihuahua said...


P.S. - chip wood and man the tractor?? make me feel like such a bum!

S3XinthePantry said...

That is really great news!