Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chemo treatment 4 Radiation treatment 16 !!!

Those are my stats as of today

Round one
Chemo 4
Radiation 16
Hair loss 0
weight loss 3lbs
Events missed 0
Work missed 0
Prayers said 1,000,000 (thanks to all of you!!)

I'm starting to slow down a little but its nothing serious. Just taking a little more time to find the hitch to my giddy up! Still able to eat everything that isn't nailed down (of course!) and keep up with my work and chores. I'm thankful to be able to keep my mind occupied. I have a lot of help if I need it so that's always a good thing. I meet with the Drs on Thursday and I will find out if I have 1 or 2 more treatments of chemo. I'm hoping for 1...that would be awesome. I have been to a Dr almost every day now for 4 weeks. I could use the break from the cycle of the clinic.

The good news to report for today is blood work is still very good. Starting to show signs of treatment....cell counts were a little lower but nothing serious AT ALL. And the other good news is the IV went in the FIRST time.....yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!! They say I have skinny veins.....of course it had to be veins and not my butt. I suppose its a trade off. If anyone cares Id prefer the fat veins and the skinny ass thank you very much!!

Going to head off to do some laundry...I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and know that I think about you all often. All of you keep me going and your thoughts a prayers are felt!!

Love you!


StephanieKovacs69@yahoo.com said...

I love that through it all..you keep your wacky sense of humor...that rocks! YOU AMAZE ME! There I said it again...uummm...cuz you do. You're kicking some ass on this disease. And yes you have won some major battles in your life...so this too shall pass with you once again on the winning side! Love ya doll face! Steph

Daria said...

You fat veins and skinny ass made me smile ... love a sense of humor.