Friday, September 25, 2009

What a difference a week can make!!

Hey there Hi there Ho there!! Its been almost a week since the last post (can we say SLACKER!!) I was always taught that if you didn't have anything nice to say then its best to say nothing at all. I was grouchy, cranky and not feeling well so that explains the silence (I hope!)

I'm doing much better....still feeling tired...but then again I'm back to a full work week (50 hrs) and walking the in the mornings and cooking and cleaning so I suppose being tired should be expected. Ive been hitting the pillow somewhere around 8:30pm and waking up at 5:30ish. I usually cant fall back asleep so that's the new witching hour for me. I make some toast, read the news and then head out for a walk.

Ive noticed that I'm bruising easily so the clumsy girl I am is trying to be more careful. I still cant take the smell of coffee and the taste of Diet Coke......the 2 mainstays of my life pre-cancer. Everything else is good tho. I have been getting back into the kitchen...doing some baking and making The Boy good dinners.

I have an appt today with the Chemo Oncologist...just to go over blood work and follow up on how I'm doing....nothing serious. The hospital will be calling me tonight sometime between 4pm and 7pm to let me know what time to be there Monday morning. One of the nurses told me it looks like I'm set for the OR at 7:30 so its gonna be an EARLY morning I'm guessing. I'm OK with that....the earlier they get started the earlier I'm out on Wednesday. The rods have to be in place for 50 hrs so the length of my stay depends on when the clock starts ticking. Id be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Ive never been to the OR before or put completely out. I have faith in everyone doing the job and I have to say that the Doctors and Hospital have been very thorough, I have gotten probably 7 calls from various departments and nurses confirming info and giving me directions.

I need to get ready for work....thanks for hanging around with me on this blog.....journeys are always better when you can share the sights!!

Love you!!

2 comments: said...

Hey Girl...Glad you are feeling better and had a chnace to rest up before the next procedure. As always...hnag tough baby and I will continue with prayers and lots of positive thoughts for you. Love you much!

Daria said...

Just thought I`d say `hi` ... I do read your blog regularly.

50 hours a week ... ouch ... I feel for you.