Saturday, September 19, 2009


Still not feeling up to par. I suppose 6 weeks accumulation of Chemo and radiation are finally catching up with me. I am just grateful I didn't feel this way the whole time. I am extremely tired and all I wanna do is sleep. It will take a few weeks to bounce back but I know it will be fine eventually.

The procedures are still on for Sept 28th and oct 7th. They told me that even after the hospital stay that the radiation will continue to kill cells so I wont have to see any Drs for 60-90 days!! Yea!! That means I can go through the holidays without having to make trips everywhere. I hope that I finally have some energy back by then too. I just hate not being able to do all the things I wanna do. The walk in the morning feels good but it wears me out by 5pm.

The Dr I met with on Thursday seems pretty good...and I trust him. He is an Assisant Professor for the hospital and he will be having students watching......if I can help at least one other person by letting them be there then the whole freakin school can come....ha!

Heading to you guys and I cant thank you enough for everything!!

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Keep hanging in there sweet're on your way. As always...prayers for you everyday my friend! I miss and love you bunches! hugs....steph

Mary Jane said...

Hi's Mary Jane from Envisage...I'll be keeping up with you through your blog. I've enjoyed reading it, aside from the fact that you are SICK! ARG. Anytime you need a friend or a shoulder or whatever, I'll be here for you. You can reach me at anytime. Just know that you've got some folks here in Georgia that are praying for you.

Love, Mary Jane