Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been fighting the nausea for a few days now and I'm not sure if its due to the Chemo or my nerves on this next procedure. Since its 6am (been up sine 5) I'm going to assume its a little of both. I'm so NOT a morning person.

I'm heading to the physical today for pre-op. I hear its chest x-rays, EKG and other stuff....oh joy. I dont feel like going but I know I have to. I'm keeping my eye on the prize I promise. I have gotten over the pity party I was having a few days ago and have gone back to treatment mode. The Boy has helped a great deal with that. He is my strength when I cant muster any of my own.

Speaking of the Boy...he informed me last night that since it is deer season and Ive been shooting my bow pretty well that we will be having a deer hunt after the Drs appts today and I WILL be taking my first deer. He seems pretty confident so I'm gonna just go with the flow and hope he is right. Will keep you posted!!

I'm off to eat some Banana Nut Cheerios (new obsession!!) and get ready for the appts.....

Love you guys and thanks for the prayers~~

1 comment: said...

You're gonna shoot a deer???? Oi Vey!!!
Have you ever seen "My Cousin Vinny"? Everythime I hear about people deer hunting I think of that flick. IF you haven't seen gotta see it! It's hysterical.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot. But glad to hear you're feeling better emotionally...that's good thing! Did you hear anything more about the procedure on the 28th?? Is it still a go or did they cancel it?
Can you send me your address so I can send you a card?
Well my dear...keep up with the positive attitude and I will keep up with the praying..Hang in there my're a tough cookie! I love ya lots...hugs! By the way...does the "BOY" have a name? Tell him I said thanks for taking such good care of someone very special to me!