Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st treatment

So yesterday was the first official Chemo/radiation treatment. Chemo is a loooong drawn out process because they have to pump me full of fluids for a couple of hours then I get the chemo in my IV for an hour followed by a couple more bags of fluid. I have learned to maneuver the IV drip pole to the bathroom like a fine tuned race car driver!

I went to work today feeling pretty good all things considered and did about 9 hours before I had to call it quits. Wasn't feeling just right. I have been able to eat and sleep and do all the normal things I usually do and that's a good thing. I'm not kidding myself into thinking it will always be like this. 3 or 4 weeks down the line I'm sure this wont be nearly as easy. Its like dropping a bomb and making a hole...then drop another into the hole and another and well you have one pretty messed up hole....not that I'm comparing myself to a hole but I'm sure you get my drift! (Did that analogy for my military friends!! )

So for all of you who have emailed or sent me a txt I didnt respond to Im sorry.....Im doing ok for now and I appreciate all of the concern and prayers! I really have a great life!!

Good night for now and I will try to post more specifics tomorrow regarding medications and processes etc......

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the update. I have been worried. Hang in there, girlie! You are one of the strongest I know! When all gets to looking tough, hold on to the love of your friends.