Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The day after......

Had my chemo treatment yesterday and was able to pull off another full day of work today.....yea!! Started to feel a little queasy on the ride home but a small snack took care of that for now. I find that if I leave my stomach empty then I bring on the waves. I feel really good with the exception of the steroid side effects. I only have to take them for 2 days after treatment so I know its short lived. answer some of your questions....I am currently planned for 6 weeks of Chemo and radiation. They run concurrently. Some people have one and then the other but my team felt it would be better to do them in combination. So my schedule is Mon-Friday @ 11:50 am I have radiation. It only takes about 10 min so I just run out from work (hospital is 3 min away) get it and am back in under 20 min. I have Chemo on every Tuesday and I arrive for that @ 8:30 am and usually get started by lasts approx 6 hrs. I go every Monday at 10:30 for blood work to make sure that levels are all OK for the chemo (same hospital 3 min from work). Now that I have typed all that out it sounds like a lot but in reality it all flows pretty smooth and doesn't seem to be bothersome. Once the 6 weeks are completed I will have a break and we will re-test everything to see what progress was made. The plan is that I will follow all of this up with 3 or 4 weeks of internal radiation. Its called brachytherapy. (This way, it's possible to deliver a higher total dose of radiation to a smaller area than with external treatment. By limiting the amount of radiation healthy cells receive, damage to normal cells is reduced.) It has its side effects but it has also shown great results so I'm a player!!

OK friends I'm heading to bed. I'm off of work tomorrow so I have some stuff to get done and a Doctors visit to rest for. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!

Love ya!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for letting me know how it is working. As I have said before, I wish I was closer so I could be there for you, but you are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Your strength is amazing and I am praying that God heals you. Love to you, always, my friend!