Monday, August 17, 2009

Round 2

Tomorrow is round 2 and today was another GREAT day!! I'm not sure if taking extra iron helped me out of the slump but Id like to think that plays a part. I worked a full day 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and feel awesome! Had blood work done I will every make sure that my body can handle the chemo and all my stats were great. Tech said it didn't even look like I had a chemo treatment based on hemoglobin and cell counts....yeaaaa!! Power of prayer?!?!

Earl!!! I am shocked!! S H O C K E D !!!!! All those times you pretended you didn't know computer stuff?? You scammed me! I love that you are a follower now and that you made a comment!!! What a smile I have! the way.....when you leave a comment everyone CAN read it...but that's OK...that's what they are there for! So be sure to leave notes saying how wonderful you think I am and how I deserve to be president...I will mail you the cash.

My Dad sent me his own form of Chemo treatment today.......YUMMY hot sauce. I will have to try to eat some now before my stomach starts to feel the effects of Chemo. I am currently on Cisplatin and for those of you who do not know how chemo works here is a brief rundown. Chemo meds attack rapidly dividing cells ie: cancer cells. (Those little ba%$rds multiply quicker then rabbits) Your body has a lot of cells that are not cancer that divide rapidly as well.....those are mainly your hair, nails, skin, stomach and intestine linings. They are also your red blood cells, cells inside your mouth, throat and your gums. Those things are all effected by the medicine....not just the cancer. That's why people lose hair sometimes or can not keep food down or can not eat certain foods because of the mouth pain. So has not been an issue with me...ha...dont act surprised! Still hanging onto the hair but I'm told if its gonna happen I will notice it in the next week to 10 days. I cut it short (shoulder length) in anticipation and really like it this way so lets cross our fingers that it hangs on! I don't think I'm going to go the wig route.....if bald is what it is then so be it. Why try to pretend other wise. Personally I think it just makes the prize at the end all that much sweeter.....

I also googled ( I do that ALOT!!) the weird fuzzy brain feeling I was having and there is a name for it!!! Chemo Brain. It happens to people and they don't know how or why...makes me feel a little better to at least know I'm not alone. Didn't like it one bit by the way!

I was able to get wireless service for my laptop so while I'm at treatment I can surf the net and maybe do some work to keep me busy. If I get some time I will try to post more....let you know some technical nifty neato stuff......I have nurses at my disposal all day to ask questions.....unless they kick me out!

Love you guys!!


Cheryl said...

As always, you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. You are doing a great job, my friend!

~ J ~ said...

Thanks Cheryl! Today went smooth and Im feeling fine....little tired but thats from siting on my butt all day. Followed treatment with a little retail therapy too !!

Cheryl said...

I am so glad things went good yesterday. I hope that today you are still feeling your spunky self! LoL! Shopping! It can heal the soul! My thoughts and prayers are always with you! I have so many questions! Mine never got to the point of chemo because they were able to remove it safely. How long do they think your treatments will last? When do you go for the radiation treatments or are they done simultaneously on the same day as chemo. Jam, I am just in awe with your strength....but, again, I always have been since I met you. You are doing a GREAT job, my friend! I know you have to stay active and keep your life as normal as possible to keep up your strength, but, PLEASE don't push yourself too hard!