Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm going crazy! I cant sleep....I cant fall asleep...I cant stay asleep and I finally do and have to get up! I don't know if its the steroids or the onset of menopause (supposed to be a symptom) or the fact that I drink too much water and have to go to the bathroom. Whatever it is I need it to STOP! I'm cranky today!

Few things I forgot to mention in the last post
1. It took 4 tries and 3 nurses to get an IV in for the chemo. Can I tell you how exciting that was?? They ended up in a spot near my bicep (yea...upper arm!!)

2. The nurses on both sides (chemo and radiation) wanted to know who the guy with me was....was he my brother?? Uh NO he BELONGS to me thank you very much and now quit asking. I wanted to make up stories about what an awful guy he was so they would quit with the "wow hes so cute and he rides a Harley?!?" But then I realized that would make me look bad so I just had to shut up and let them go on about him. No lie....true story

3 All I want to eat right now are Taco Bell Burrito Supremes, Chef Boyardee Pasta straight out of the can (YUUUUMMMY COLD!!!) and egg drop soup......go figure!!

Lots to do today so Id better get moving!!

Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you can't sleep.

I can also sympathize with the inability to get a good stick. It's not unusual for me to walk out of the lab after a blood draw with 2 or 3 band aids. Hey, if the folks ask about all the band aids on your arm, tell them it was "a shaving accident". It works for me!

As for the food, you sound like you're back in college! Add in the $1 Ramen packs and it would be complete.

Hope you're feeling better today.


~ J ~ said...

Ya know R you must be a mind reader.....I have had a few of those lately too.....the beef flavor seems to be a bedtime snack!! Ive always loved them and have a few receipes for some crazy stuff you can make with me if you want to hear about them.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

1. ouch!
2. pictures!
3. just reading that made my bottom gurgle...

Hope you've managed to get some good sleep this weekend.