Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick note.....

Nothing new to report today. This Thursday seemed to pass much easier then last. I had a decent day and met with both Doctors. They are happy with how well I am able to handle the treatments and will follow up with me again in 2 weeks. They are still undecided as to a 5 week course or 6 week tho. I will meet with another radiologist oncologist in North Jersey in a a week or two to discuss the internal radiation and they will a group....decide when the cut off will be. As far as I'm concerned next Tuesday is what I consider the 1/2 way point. That's 3 treatments down........I have not really had any problems with the exception of the fuzzy brain last week. Lucky lucky me!!

I spent the day running errands, doing some training online at work, seeing doctors and relaxing. Looking forward to work tomorrow....keeps my mind busy!

Thanks again for all the emails.....they brighten my day!!

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cheri-hart said...

This is Saturday night. Two weeks down. Yea. We are so glad you are doing so well. We love you lots. Dad and Mom C