Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today is a new day.....I feel much better and have the energy to get up and moving.....mexican breakfast and actually had some coffee!! Want to use this up time to get some laundry done and clean my room. Its a disaster! I am learning to use my time wisely. When I have some energy use it for something good!

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Earl said...

It looks like you're trapping me into signing up for this Blog thing and learning how to use it too. You always had a way to get me to do what you wanted! (On your way to being the President) Can others read my comments? If so, I'll have to watch what I say & now that I think about others able to read my comments, i don't know what else to say & I'm usually so verbose!

Let me know a couple dates that work for you for me to visit. I don't wnat to interfere with any plans you may have.
Did you get me last email and open the attachment? I thought the attachment was cute. ("Cute", my kind of word)

Ok, you take care of yourself & let me know if you need anything and when you need that hug from an old gray haired fat guy!!